Excursions- Explore our territory

Take advantage of your time in Capo d’Orlando to discover the wonderful area of the Nebrodi National Park.

The park’s guides have organized excursions of varying difficulty: some are suitable for families with children others for avid walkers who occasionally like to climb, and trails for those in top shape who want to test themselves on our mountains.
You will discover the most evocative corners and breath-taking views of the territory behind us: the crystal clear fresh water of the Catafurco waterfalls, the beautiful lakes that look out onto Mount Etna, the eagles, and griffons slowly circling above the Rocche del Crasto and the thick forests of this evergreen Sicilian territory.
An unexpected Sicily, whose fertile land, fresh water-rich microclimate surprise most visitors.

Spend your holiday in Capo d’Orlando and discover The Nebrodi National Park.



Argimusco is a mysterious and astounding place. The wide-open spaces and enormous megaliths of the Argimusco plateau are not commonly known amongst our visitors.
When you find yourself in front of the megalith of the eagle or at the figure of a woman praying, you will have the feeling of being in a place that is human and divine at the same time. The megaliths are perfectly aligned so that during spring and autumn equinox the sun passes exactly between them as it rises and sets.

The Argimusco is easily reached by car, you will go through some asphalted roads up until the entrance which is fenced off to keep animals out. The path that leads up to the Argimusco is only a few hundred meters long and easy to walk along, it is therefore suitable for children and anyone who isn’t used to walking long distances.
We can organize an excursion for you with a local guide to discover this place dubbed the Sicilian Stonehenge.

cascate catafurco borgo d’orlando


Do you dream of bathing under the cool water of a waterfall?
The waterfalls of the Catafurco are only a short distance from the Borgo d’Orlando and the town of Galati, they are easily accessible- you can arrive by car just a few meters from the bridge that leads you to the path where, after a few hundred meters, you can finally dip your feet in fresh cool water -brrrrr- that flows down from the Nebrodi Mountains.
Your children can play in this naturally formed pool while admiring the nests of the birds of prey located on the wall above the waterfall.



The Aeolian islands are only an hour boat ride away from our coast. You can take
advantage of the planned departures by boats from the port of Capo d’Orlando or reach Milazzo and arrive by hydrofoil. From its volcanoes to its cliffs and beaches, the islands offer landscapes of incomparable beauty. You can go on a boat ride, climb up to the volcano crater, swim in the black sand beaches and visit the historic centre of Lipari, a place that boasts 3,000 years of history. You can also choose to do an evening excursion, a boat departing from Capo D’Orlando will take you to Stromboli where you can admire the ‘Sciara del fuoco’ (stream of fire), a slide of lava coming down from the eruptions of the volcano.
A day on the islands is necessary and unforgettable experience for children and adults alike. It is definitely an experience to add to your list



In the nearby ports of Capo d’Orlando and Sant’Agata you can rent boats with which to visit the coast. For boats with engines under 8 HP it isn’t necessary to have a boating license; if you prefer to be accompanied and bathe in the most beautiful coves and have information about the places you are visiting you can go on one of the many planned excursions organized daily.

The boat excursions are held on days with good weather forecasts and are recommended for those traveling with children. If you have a passion for fishing, we can organize trolling fishing or line fishing excursions.



Visit the medieval town of Cefalù and walk along its narrow streets that lead to the sea and the enchanting Piazza Duomo. Visit its beautiful beach at the old port and the magnificent cathedral where Norman style is perfectly mixed with Byzantine culture. Climb up ‘La Rocca’ a rock crag that overlooks onto the village and admire the view of the coast where soldiers once monitored the arrival of friendly and enemy ships; on the rock you will find remnants of ancient temples and remains of medieval forts.

The medieval town of Cefalù is a 40-minute drive on the highway from the Borgo d’Orlando. If you prefer not to drive, we will gladly take you to either the Capo D’Orlando or Sant’Agata train stations where you can take a direct train to Cefalù.



One of the most evocative places on our coast, it is the place where the Greeks decided to build a theatre overlooking the Aeolian Islands. Shows and performances are still held here, animating the warm summer evenings. In the archaeological site you can also find ruins of a Roman villa with its thermal baths and of another building, incorrectly called the basilica, which was an access point to the agora, the main square.

Aside from the archaeological site you can find the sanctuary dedicated to the Black Madonna of Tindari, it is built on a hill and from which you can enjoy the breath-taking view of Lakes of Marinello below. Tindari is a great place for people of all ages to visit and is perfect for those passionate about history and archaeology.



From the Rocche del Crasto you have a magnificent view over all the peaks of the Nebrodi Park.
You will notice the eagles and griffons flying high above over the village of Alcara li Fusi and its valleys; you will most likely encounter heifers and cows grazing slowly and resting or horses running in the wind. The excursion to the Rocche del Crasto is a little challenging as you will walk for many kilometres, we recommend visiting this area with a local guide. We will gladly help you organize your excursion with a local guide.